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Do quests, battle monsters/beasts, fight players, place bounties and more in the Algadon
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10 October 2009

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From merely serving the purpose of an information transfer medium and emailing platform, Internet has largely come up as a big source of entertainment. Apart form sharing files like movies, videos, songs, games; internet is also being used by millions of players all around the globe as a platform for online gaming. Earlier we generally used to have a maximum of two players in video games, but today, this number has reached to thousands due to the presence of Internet as a medium of multiplayer gaming. There are a number of strategy based RPG (Role Playing Games) like World of Warcraft, Age of Empires, Conquerors etc. which are acting as a platform for large scale online competition between players from all over the globe and Algadon v.1.0 has been developed on the popular concept of online gaming.

Algadon v.1.0 is a freeware multiplayer online role playing game by Mystic Media developed for PC. The game is based on the wars between the mystical and fictional creatures in the medieval era. The game is based on the concept of popular strategy games where the player has to explore the land and fight the enemies, but includes an element of magical spells and beastly fights between the powerful creatures. You will have to character in the game which will be controlled by you and have to get involved in fights with other players. You can battle against the other beastly creatures, place bounties on other players, perform quests, attempt elite missions, buy food, weapons, armors and can do a lot of other things. You can even join a clan with others if you like and can communicate through private messages; or you can also post public messages on profiles of other players.

Algadon v.1.0 is overall, a potentially attractive game in which you will find infinite scope for exploring and advancing. Hence, it receives a score of three and a half rating points out of five.

Publisher's description

Algadon is a free medieval/fantasy themed role playing game that allows players to perform quests, battle monsters and beasts, fight other players, place bounties, and more. Players can buy weapons, armor, food, and potions to help in advancing levels, training to become stronger, and performing quests. Players can also join a clan (optional), send private messages, or post public profile messages. As you advance through the game, additional quests, weapons, armor, and more become available.
Version 1.0
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